Tarkett-Tandus Powerbond Product.

Chattanooga Airport Solutions at Work from Tarkett Contract on Vimeo.

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Engineered wood or Hardwood

.Solid vs Engineered HardwoodHardwood is an easy way to improve the look, durability and value of your home. Learn more about the types of hardwood flooring and what you should take into consideration when choosing this flooring.

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Using Carpet Tiles to Design Area Rugs What is it?

.Last year we published an article in our Blog about using carpet tiles to design area rugs to place in the center of rooms, under tables, or just about any other place that you might put an area rug. We thought that it was such a good article that we would bring it to your [...]

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Why Buy Carpet Tile Instead Of Other Flooring Products?

.Buying flooring for a room can be a costly endeavor no matter what the material. Not only do you have to buy the floor covering, but then comes the cost of labor, installation materials, and the more difficult the installation, the more you may end up paying. There are many surfaces to choose from for [...]

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Top Ten Reasons for Installing Carpet Tiles

. Carpet tiles, like carpet, provides a warmer more insulated floor than a hard surface.Carpet tile is acoustically superior due to its dense face construction and four-layer condensed backing system.The condensed vinyl backing of carpet tile is superior to all other carpet backing systems. It is moisture resistant and does not allow bacteria or spills to [...]

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Shaw Lokdots

Using Shaw Lokdots is a more easier and economical way to install your new Shaw carpet tile.

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