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Using Carpet Tiles to Design Area Rugs What is it?



Last year we published an article in our Blog about using carpet tiles to design area rugs to place in the center of rooms, under tables, or just about any other place that you might put an area rug. We thought that it was such a good article that we would bring it to your attention again. (We will bring past articles and some new things to your attention in the near future.)

An exceprt from "Disign Area Rugs Using Carpet Tile":

"Carpet tiles have traditionally been used in spaces where the end use dictates the need for a durable, versatile floor covering. Today, various uses of carpet tiles include basements, family rooms, children’s bedrooms, bathrooms, mud/laundry rooms, schools, hospitals, day cares, boats, home and commercial office spaces, retail stores, and trade shows. Consumers have used them for RV’s garages and on floors and ceilings providing acoustical advantages in recording studios."