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Carpet Tile/Gym Floor Covering Maintenance Guide

Your new carpet tiles or gym floor covering are an investment. Just as with any other investment, routine care and maintenance is a necessary requirement. With proper care, your carpet/gym floor will look as good as the day you bought them for many years to come. We recommend the following procedures to ensure this goal.

Preventative Maintenance
carpet tile maintenanceIt's easier to be proactive than reactive. Identify sources of soiling and react to spills promptly. Blot all liquids spills as opposed to rubbing. This helps to absorb more fluid. Rinse with clean water to further dilute the spill. Repeat as needed to further remove the liquid. For solid materials; such as, food and chocolate, remove particles carefully then follow the above procedure. If you have tiles, you can pull the carpet tile from the floor to take to a sink for a more through cleaning. Allow the carpet tile to dry before placing it back into position. A hair dryer can be used lightly on the carpet tile or gym floor covering to ensure a shorter drying time. If you are purchasing tile, it's always a good idea to have extra tiles (attic stock) to use when you need to replace a square.

Vacuuming and Spot Cleaning
vacuuming carpet tile floorA carpet vacuum, with good suction and a beater bar to lift soil, dus,t and particles to the surface of the pile, is recommended for carpet tiles. It is recommended to vacuum often with mulitple sweeps to allow the beater bar to function as it is intented.

Thorough Cleaning Procedures
cleaning carpet tileUsing clean hot water is the preferred method of cleaning most carpet, including carpet tiles and gym floor. Chemicals aren't usually recommended or required with normal soiling. If the soiling was created by spillage of food, coke, coffee, fruit drinks, human, or animal bodily fluids, use a mild acid; such as, household white vinegar. Dilute the vinegar by 50% with clean water and blot the spot with a clean white towel. This method will gently break down the stain and allow the spot to be removed by the towel. Repeat as necessary. Once the spot has been removed, thoroughly flush the area with water to remove any remaining vinegar solution.

Oil based spills and stains may be loosened by sparingly using a mild detergent; such as, household dish washing liquid. Once the spot has been loosened, blot with a clean white towel. Flush thoroughly, then blot any excess water from the surface.

Repairs and Replacement

carpet tile repairOne of the primary advantages of using carpet tiles on floors is the ability to remove a badly soiled or damaged tile and replace it with a new tile from attic stock. Remove the soiled tile, then replace it with a tile taken from an area not as noticeable; such as, under a sofa or table. Finally, replace that tile with a fresh one. In this manner, the original tile that has been removed is replaced with one of similar wear.

You can find additional information about caring for your carpet tile and carpets, in general, at the Carpet and Rug Institute.