Carpet Tiles as Home Theater Carpet is a wonderful Idea


Our latest blog post is targeting squarly at the home theater enthusist. Many enthusist fuss over every aspect of their home theater setup including their AV receiver, HDMI cables, speakers, plasma or LED TV, but its rare to think about how the floor covering affects the sound in the room. Carpet tiles are a great affordable means to improving the sound of your home theater, media room, and even your band's practice area. This article expalins some of this in detail:

An excerpt from the Home Theater Carpet Solutions:

A home theater system is an investment in entertainment, and to some it is an obsession. We spend billions on electronics each year in this country. Our big screen television sets, amplifiers, speakers, Blu-Ray players, subwoofers, and every other component of our theater system are chosen with the utmost thought and care. Some of us go as far as to tune our systems and measure our speaker placement.

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