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Sample Info

FOCUSfloors strives to provide our customers with the best customer service. This includes the ordering of samples at a very low price of $2.29 each most are full size samples with FREE SHIPPING.

Shaw Samples- 95% is full tile the rest will be 8x8 or bigger.

Mohwk Samples- Most will be a full tile the rest will be 8x8 or bigger.

Joy Samples- All samples are 6x6 swatches.

Foss Samples- 8x8  on average


Samlple Price Comparison

FOCUSfloors - $2.29 for each sample (Most Full Tiles)

Flor/Interface - 3 samples for $5.00 ($1.66 Each) Not Full Tiles and have to order 3

All samples are sent Fedex,UPS second Day or ground.

You can order them by clicking the sample box on the tile details page. We have attempted to accurately represent the colors available for each product on this website. However, due to the nature of electronic media, the color of products in person may differ slightly from how they appear here. Therefore, we recommend sampling products in order to get the most accurate color representation possible and to get the hands on feel and look of the style to compare the actual colors needed for your project. 

If you have any questions about refunds, shipping policies, or returns, please use the following links. Thank you for your business.

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