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Shaw Commercial Custom Carpet Prints


 We are now proud to offer Shaw's new Tailored Solutions Print Options.

  • Dynamic way to add custom color and style
  • Fast turn-around and Shipping
  • 150-yard minimum
  • Comes in 9,18,26,28, and 36oz weight

These carpet prints are perfect for corporate, education, healthcare, and hospitality. Tailored Solutions print options give you a whole new world of options for personalizing color and style.

All you need to do is:

  1. Select your base and Pattern. You can choose from a broad selection of patterns in variety of styles and scales or create your own pattern.
  2. Personalize your pattern. Select from a nearly endless combination of colors in our print color palette.
  3. Enjoy your results. Literally thousands of energetic flexible print color options to make your spaces shine.